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About The Max Fund

The Max Fund was established in April 2009 by Cutting Edge K9 Rehab owner Trish Penick.

The Max Fund helps pay for physical therapy for dogs whose owners cannot afford it. It is named for its first recipient, Max, a German Shepherd whose owner (a friend of Trish's) suddenly died. Max was rescued and Trish fostered Max until she found his forever home. Trish felt she needed to verify Max's medical condition before adopting him to someone so she had a full medical exam and Xrays. She asked the CEK9 group if anyone would like to help with these expenses.

Clients of Cutting Edge K9 reached out to help with Max’s medical bills and the journey began. Ongoing fund raising efforts since then continue to help more dogs.

Get updates on The Max Fund and learn about our recipients by signing up for the Cutting Edge K9 newsletter. If you would like to donate, you may direct your donation to a specific recipient, or into the general pool to help any dog in need.

If you need help for your dog, please contact Cutting Edge K9 about your circumstances. Your situation will be reviewed to determine whether your case qualifies for Max Fund assistance.

It is the individual donations of people who care about pets that makes the magic of The Max Fund possible. If you can help, send a check made out to “The Max Fund”. Address: Trish Penick 3508 Wisteria Dr. San Diego, CA 92106. The Max Fund is currently seeking non-profit status; but at this time your donations are not tax deductible.