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Dr. Robin Levitski-Osgood, DVM, DipACVIM (Neurology), Veterinary Specialty Hospital

"I have worked closely with Cutting Edge K9 Rehab since 1999 and have seen first hand the benefits of early initiation of therapy and working together as a veterinarian and physical therapy team.

Therapy is extremely valuable in speeding up the recovery time in patients that have undergone neurosurgery or are recovering from strokes.

Patients referred to rehabilitation have a strong advantage to those who do not seek this option. Patients regain function much more rapidly with early implementation of therapy.


Dr. Joshua Jackson, DVM, Diplomate, American college of veterinary surgeons, Veterinary Specialty Hospital

"Cutting Edge K9 Rehab provides an extremely valuable service to veterinarians and our canine patients. I have seen dramatic improvement in the recovery of challenging cases since I started to work with Trish.


Dr Holly S.Mullen, DVM, Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Surgeons, VCA, Emergency Animal Hospital & Referral Center

"Post-operative recovery, especially after orthopedic and neurosurgery, is greatly enhanced through use of rehabilitation. Animals benefit greatly from an experienced Therapist using a combination of techniques to accelerate the healing process.





"I am the lucky owner of a fabulous bloodhound named Moonie. Moonie has exceeded all of our expectations as a #1 Showdog in his Breed with credits of winning Best in Breed at Westminster, Eukanuba 2006/2008, his National 2006 Specialty and Multiple Best In Shows.

At a young age, Moonie was diagnosed with a bulging back disc just as he was embarking on his show career. He was in severe pain and dropped his tail. After many diagnosis from arthritis to dysplasia, we visited a neurologist who pinpointed immediately Moonie's trouble. After surgery and a few weeks isolation and concern, we were exposed to the wonders of Trish Penick and Cutting Edge K-9 Rehab.

We were told by Moonie's surgeon that Moonie might not ever be a showdog again and that his magnificent gait might not return. We were OK with that. We just wanted him out of pain. Trish and I set a goal to rehabilitate Moonie and get him ready for his 2005 National Breed Specialty in Washington State and we had four months to do it. We delivered a Moonie more fluid in movement, with excellent muscle tone and stronger than ever before!

We attended that Nationals show in Washington. He was splendid as he moved solidly around the showring, displaying a new confidence which brought us all to tears.

He went on in the three years to follow to win almost every dog show award possible and we give so much credit for his welfare and success to our friends, Trish and Takara.

Thank you so much for giving our precious boy, Moonie, a second chance to become the 'showdog of our dreams'."

~Judy Walker and The "Moon Man"


Hugo arrives for his workout

"Thank goodness we found Trish and her program. We were given few options when Hugo was was diagnosed with not only hip dysplasia but also degenerative myelopathy.  While we can't stop the disease we have at least slowed the progression and given him a better quality of life.  The therapy has made a tremendous difference in his emotional state.  I really can't find the words to express what this has meant to Hugo and myself."

Hugo progressed to a cart for land activities; he was still able to walk when he began therapy.  Initially Hugo showed improvement with a wider stance and the ability to stabilize himself (Before hte need for the cart). The degenerative myelopathy progressed as we knew it would, but we gained some quality time for Hugo. He continued to see Trish for cardiovascular conditioning and to balance out his shoulder muscles until the week of his death.

You may have seen Hugo on the channel 8 news and The Morning Show with Rodd Luck---his story of dealing with his disease is inspiring!"

Alise Shatoff Owner of Hugo

We Remember Hugo - click here for a memorial »


"We are exceptionally pleased with your professionalism and skill with canines.". Our just 7 year old had a stroke on January 8, 2002. He was completely paralyzed (totally flaccid) from the neck down.

We modified a small wheel chair so that we could move him. He was very difficult for senior citizens such as ourselves to handle.On the 16th, we took him to his first session with Trish, Kodiak was quite terrified of the 1st session;. his frontlegs did not know what to do, but with various techniques Trish got them moving during our 1st visit.

The improvement with each session over the next 3 weeks was amazing! We were able to use slings to ass't Kodiak in the 1st week of rehab and he began ambulating on his at the end of his 2nd week of rehab.--somewhat like a "drunken sailor" but with an air of confidence that he was once again in control.

During subsequent sessions (we started with 2x/week and followed up with 1x/week during the next 2 mos.) Trish continued to encourage Kody and assist him as he needed. We have seen a complete recovery of Kody's personality and joy in life; with his physical body recovered @ 90%. We hope to see more improvement in the near future. We cannot imagine what the past few mos. would have been like had we not learned of the rehab services available.

Thank you so much!" - Paula and Kermit Harcos, Owners of Kodiak - The Amazing All American Dog!


"I brought Max to Cutting Edge K9 Rehab when I thought he was having pain due to an old injury to his hip.  He initially showed some improvement but we discovered the main reason for his pain was a cancerous tumor on his hip.  When Max showed increased lameness (when we should have seen con't progress) Trish knew we needed to check for other problems and sent us to our vet.  As the cancer spread it became increasingly difficult for Max to walk but Trish suggested swimming and it was the most wonderful thing I could do with him.  When he was in the water he was like a puppy again; able to chase the ball , full of energy and free of pain.  Those days were so special to me; swimming beside him is something I will never forget.  It's amazing how much swimming can help rehabilitate an injured dog, but it is equally amazing how much comfort it was able to give to a dog who had no chance of recovery." - Max's Owner


"The Universe had a plan for Kahlua. Little did I know that I would become part of that plan.She became part of our family in 1997 and for10 years Kahlua lived life to its fullest!

In December, 2006 we noticed she was limping. We thought she was arthritis or had hip displaysia. We took her in for an MRI : Dr. Levitski at VSH called me the next day with Kahlua's results. Degenerative Myleopathy. There couldn't be a more devastating diagnosis for Kahlua. I was told that during the following months I would watch my once vibrant and full-of-life beloved pet slowly become paralyzed. It was heart-breaking to even consider! Dr. Livitski sent me home with Trish's brochure and explained how Trish's services could help..

We started therapy in June of 2007 2-3 times per week. Kahlua loved it! She made new friends; socializing was very important to her, and she smiled. Trish was so understanding and compassionate in all ways. She gave us nutrition counseling, resources for a wheelchair, shoes, socks, walking-support devices, all just to help us keep her with us longer, and living as full a life that she could.

Kahlua has since left us, the disease having taken control of her life. But she left behind memories and love to all of her dog-friends, as well as Trish & Takara.

~Patti J. Moulds & Kahlua



Mignon had back surgery at the Veterinary Specialty Hospital for a ruptured disc. She was completely paralyzed in both of her hind legs when she started rehab. 

We treated Mignon twice a week with therapy and she was back on her feet within 3 weeks---a bit wobbly and unsteady but walking on her own! Her Surgeon, Dr. Levitski-Osgood initiated her therapy about 7 days post-op.


"To Dog Owners Everywhere,

Our dog 'Gator' underwent spinal surgery by Dr. Lipsitz at the Veterinary Specialty Hospital after becoming paralyzed in all 4 legs. 10 days after his surgery, Gator was still unable to stand or move his legs, so Dr. Lipsitz referred us to Trish for further evaluation and therapy.

After assessing Gator's needs Trish helped him through his 1st therapy session. Gator responded to Trish's handling amazingly well. We started electrical stimulation at his 1st visit and there were muscle contractions in all 4 legs! It was incredible to see this happen .Trish put Gator in the pool and he immediately began moving all four legs! AMAZING!! We took him back to the hospital and were told the next day by an elated staff that he was moving all legs on his own just a bit.

After session #2 the staff informed us that he was walking with assistance and after session #3 we were able to take him home. From a hospital stretcher to home in 5 days ----it was a miracle to us as we had never heard of this type of thing happening to a dog. The support of the other dog owners was heart felt.

Even though it is a 160 mile round trip we will take Gator twice a week for as long as Trish feels necessary.

We understand that therapy works for all kinds of K9 ailments. We think it is too bad that every city doesn't have the availability of a service such as Cutting Edge K9 Rehab!!" - George and Rose Briner, Hemet CA, Owners of Gator


"My name is Mika and I am a 4 year old Yorkshire Terrier.  Due to injuries I sustained to my knee, my kneecap was not staying in place and it was very painful for me to walk.  Prior to coming to Cutting Edge K9 Rehab for therapy, I had 2 surgeries on my knee.  The veterinarian wanted to do a 3rd surgery on my leg when my mom saw the information for Trish in his office.  She asked if we could give it a try and much to our delight he said YES!  

After 6 weeks of therapy, the muscle strength and tone returned to my leg and the kneecap was not slipping out of place.  I was able to resume my walks with my mom without all that pain and now walk everyday and play with the neighbor dogs. THEN I got to graduate and I enrolled in Trish's "Training with Trish" program. I got to go swimming! Who would have expected such a fun thing? I might be small but I can keep up with everyone at the pool---with the help of my lifejacket and, of course, my hat to keep the sun out of my eyes!

My mom and I can't thank Trish and Dr. Jackson enough for helping me get better.  We recommend therapy to all our friends."


  "In mid July Gina suffered an embolism while playing in the park. She was totally paralyzed (no movement, minimal reflex) on her entire right side. We were on the point of putting her to sleep. On the suggestion of our veterinarian, Dr. Greg Kortz, we started rehab with Trish in early August. Trish started Gina with electric-stim and swimming. By early September, she had started to walk/stumble around again and by mid October she was 100% recovered. Great job Trish! - Gina owes her continued existence to you." - John Mellor, Owner of Gina


"We panicked when we learned our 2 year old lab needed to undergo 2 ACL surgeries. We were told that it'd be a long (at least 4 mos) and painful recovery. Trish and her canine therapy have been a GODSEND!
Casey was fully recovered from her 1st surgery in 3 mos. (not 4) and our vet remarked that he'd never seen a faster or stronger recovery. A year later she had to have the second surgery.. We had a delay in beginning rehab and although she did well; we definitely saw a marked difference in the recovery process from the 1st surgery when we started rehab just a few weeks after the surgery."- Susi Hill, Owner of Casey


"Ameilia Spawn, the pup with the untreated broken leg, has been going to swimming lessons for 2 weeks now. X-rays show her growth plates are just starting to close up. The main problem is the tendons in her bad leg are very tight. She's gone from using the shorter bad leg on soft surfaces to not using it at all. At least, she HAD quit using it. I'm tickled to report that after 2 sessions and some expert instruction on how to do her stretching exercises, there's big news!! YESTERDAY SHE WALKED ON SAND!!! AND GRASS!!!!She's not using the leg on hard surfaces or when she runs, but I view this as astoundingly good progress!!!!!


Amy is NOT a good swimmer; she splashes a lot and her hind legs don't seem to have the right idea.. Amy expends a lot of energy and is quite tired after her sessions. She is such a mimic that I asked Trish if her Lab (Takara) might swim along with...thinking Amelia might pick up on some pointers. SHE DID. After watching intently, Amelia decided that the PROPER way to start a lap was to take a BIG leap off of the step just like an enthusiastic lab does! Trish's assistant Takara is an amazing swim instructor. So interesting to see how they learn from watching one another.

---Trish works with a lot of whippets and agility dogs , her program is amazing!"


"I just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas. Through the combined skills and effort of the Veterinary Specialty Hospital, and your program Sassy. aka/ Sprinklers is her normal, playful, domineering self that she was prior to her broken neck. With exception of a slightly crooked head, and a few degrees off when center when running, you would never know that she had ever had a problem.

I just wanted to let you know that Sassy is doing outstanding. I would say that she is probably 95% of what she was before her accident. We are so ever thankful for your therapy program. There is no doubt in my mind that we would not have Sassy today if it wasn't for you.

- Dennis & Terri Long Owners of Sassy (aka Sprinklers)


"We were very concerned about the quality of life for our boxer Jasper following serious OCD knee surgery in 2002. He was only a year old. He was losing muscle tone fast, becoming stiff and more reluctant to put his full weight on his weaker leg. We were afraid our lively, happy dog would never be the same.

Our veterinary surgeon recommended Cutting Edge K9 Rehab. Trish got Jasper right into the pool, despite the enormous challenge encouraging our reluctant swimmer into the water. After just a few weeks, I was stunned by the huge improvement. Within two months, it was almost impossible to tell that Jasper ever had surgery in the first place. Trish's excellent care and encouragement made all the difference. Jasper is once again a happy, energetic boy making boxer mischief. I never thought it would happen - he actually looks forward to his fun time in the pool." - Gayle Falkenthal and Ted Thompson, Owners of Jasper


Scooter, a 3 year old golden retriever, has severe hip and elbow dysplasia (on both sides) as well as severe arthritis in both wrists and ankles. The week Scooter started therapy his family had made plans to euthanize him. He only got up to eat and go "potty". Scooter had difficulty standing and watching him try to walk was agonizing. He showed no interest in going for a walk or playing with the other dogs at the park.. His spirit seemed broken. . Within 2 weeks of therapy we saw a remarkable difference in his function and attitude. He now goes to the park; plays with other dogs and comes bounding down the walkway when he comes for an occasional visit. Needless to say that his family is thrilled to have their dog back enjoying life and being a member of their family.



"Axel is a 3 year old double dapple daschund who had surgery for a herniated disc on July 7, 2004. The day of surgery was a nightmare and we were told that he only had a 50/50 chance of walking again. At the time of surgery he had no movement of his back legs. His surgery went well and he came home a week later. Dr. Levitski at the Veterinary Specialty Hospital suggested Cutting Edge K9 Rehab to assist Axel with his recovery. Meeting Trish was the best thing that happened for Axel and me. Not only did she have the professional knowledge to accurately assess Axel's needs but she helped me set realistic goals for his recovery. We have seen daily/weekly improvement in his strength and ability to walk! Thanks to Trish and this amazing program he is making steady progress and working to a full recovery!!" - Joann Petersen, Owner of Axel  



"The orthopedic surgeon said Orson was not a good candidate for surgery and the breeder suggested we put our dog down to prevent a lifetime of suffering. Orson was walking short distances with obvious pain and could not climb stairs; he never attempted to jump/run...at 6 mos. old. After 3 mos. of therapy the dog everyone thought would be a cripple now looks forward to his walks; jumps into the car , goes up the stairs and runs without any apparent signs of pain . Orson's results with therapy have far exceeded our highest expectations!" - Mark Balitzer Owner of Orson




My Veterinarian reccommended rehab with Cutting Edge K9 for my 11.5 year old Dalmation; Molly's back legs had been shaking and she had lost a lot of muscle tone; they did not want to hold her up. While the neurologist told me he didn't think it was painful; it was progressivley worse. After a few months of rehab Molly's quality of life was dramatically improved. She was much stronger and had returned to playing, going on walks and it gave me such joy to see this!

Then my young Dalmation, Lilli tore her ACL. 4 weeks after her TTA surgery, the Vet cleared her for rehab. At 8 weeks post op, Lilli's healing was at the stage the Vet expected at 12 weeks. At 12 weeks- long before the recommended 6 mos-the surgeon cleared her for unlimited acitvity.

But we were not finished yet! As I saw all the dogs inTrish's programs benefitting in so many different ways I realized it could also help my mom's Chihuahua who was weighing in at a hefty 9.2 pounds.(2 pounds over her ideal) We enrolled in the "Training with Trish" program and began a weight loss and conditioning effort. Trish ahd never seen such a small do that could swim laps without assistance but there was Teacup was swimming laps with the big dogs! She lost the 2 pounds in 4 months! Look for her in 2008 with the US Olympic Swim Team!




"Our Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Bailey, has hip dysplasia. Shortly after he turned 7, the signs of his dysplasia suddenly started showing: he would limp so much on walks that we had to stop taking him and he couldn't even swim very well because the muscles in his hips were so weak that his butt sank: it looked like he might go under the water! 

The orthopedic surgeon said Bailey would be a sedentary dog unless he had a hip replacement surgery. At his suggestion we had a consulation with Trish who agreed 100% that the best thing for Bailey would be swimming. She also suggested some rehab to work on proprioception, etc.  We started Bailey swimming thinking it would be good to strengthen his muscles before the surgery. After a month of swimming 2x/week , his muscle strength improved so much that we decided to post-pone the surgery. His hip stability improved, he can go on short walks and has become a strong swimmer. Trish added a number of exercises as Bailey got stronger and  he has regained the overall fitness that he had lost due to his inability to take his vigorous walks. Bailey may need to have his hip surgery, but we know his muscles will be strong going into it and his recovery will be faster and more complete with the combination of rehab with Trish and swimming.